I pavimenti che arredano i tuoi spazi

Venetian-style flooring


Logos on floor

Handmade realizations


Processing techniques

Arte Del Pavimento

I pavimenti che arredano i tuoi spazi

Pavimenti alla Veneziana

Realizzazione di pavimenti alla Veneziana, terrazzi alla veneziana, pavimenti continui privi di giunti e fughe, pavimenti in resina, pavimenti con legni pregiati, pavimenti con bacchette di ottone o alluminio, pavimenti semina, seminato alla Veneziana, pavimenti continui, semina alla Veneziana.

Complementi d'Arredo - Decorazioni

Realizzazione di complementi d´arredo, cornici, mosaici in madreperla o marmo, top decorati per bagni e cucine, fregi, progetti personalizzati con proprio logo o motivo da rappresentare, mosaici con vetri di murano o disegni in graniglia.

Our floors are realized with new techniques, always with love and ability as the old Venetian Masters did.

The architect and the designer find in us the ideal partners to create unique and personalized floors, frames, angles, decorates tops for bathrooms and kitchens.

We realize continuos floors without joints; thanks to its flexibility very vast campiture can be created, inserting in it appreciated woods, brass or aluminum wands, marble mosaics, madreperla, glasses of Murano or grit drawings, faithfully reproduced as studied by the designer.

Our laboratory is always at the forefront in searching new materials, to offer to the client unique and new solutions, exclusively guaranteeing quality and duration in time.

Technical characteristics
Arte del PavimentoCompression resistance.

They vary according to the type of mixture and the granulometrica curve. The compression resistance is never inferior to 25N/mm2

According to analysis done in the ceramic laboratory our floor results an abrasion equal to Vm (mm3) 322 of removed material.