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L'Arte del Pavimento
Arte del Pavimento builds Venetian-style flooring. Thanks to an ongoing commitment, constantly looking for new ideas, solutions and materials, has reached a very high level of quality, so as to be a true leader.

Great professionalism, punctuality and quality of work product, are the characteristics that distinguish it.

The vast experience accumulated, the customer puts in a position to make a safe choice and design the best solution to meet their needs. Our products can in fact be adapted to any part of the house: living room, sleeping area, stairs, taverns, and so on, and its duration is unlimited! Centuries of tradition, life and witness today is chosen because of its elegance and personalization.
What we do
  • Venetian-style flooring
  • Decorations, frames, corners
  • Decorated tops for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Baths coverings
  • Stair coverings
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